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My name is Selena. I hope this message finds you well.

2020 has been some crummy year, huh? Caronavirus. Being stuck indoors. Everything closed or closing down. People winding up jobless (or worse).

It. Sucks.

And the fight against the virus hit small businesses like mine especially hard. I was forced to cancel appearances and almost all of the events this year. Things that would normally support my company throughout the year. Cancelling everything put Drake Books & Media in a really, really tight squeeze. Which is why I’m here.

  • But what is Drake Books & Media?

Drake Books & Media (aka DB&M) is a little boutique located a bit out of the way being a couple miles north of the airport here in Minot, North Dakota. It carries bestselling books, unique clothing, award-winning art, and handmade goods.

DB&M has been around since 1994, but it’s gone by different names over the years. Some have known it as Inkslinger Books. Others by Blue Muse. It wasn’t until November 7th of 2019 that the company was officially renamed Drake Books & Media.

Since DB&M’s founding, I have published six books, and am about to publish a seventh. It is these bestselling books that I have for sale.

And, unfortunately, I need a little bit of help.

  • What will my money go to?

Mostly? Operating expenses.

The majority of my sales is done face-to-face. Luckily, I have a little shop space (about 250 sqft) that I sell out of full-time and a mobile unit (okay, it’s my SUV) that I take around town when the weather is good.

I’m hoping that, with the $5,000 I’m asking for, I’ll be able to cover the costs of my rented micro-store and utilities for the next six months as well as doing some tactical marketing to draw in attention. I really wish I could get into a bigger storefront, but I can’t justify the costs of doing so at this time.

Don’t worry; you haven’t been forgotten in this endeavor. DB&M has some gifts for you as a way of saying thank you. We have everything from personalized postcards and autographed prints to you getting your name in one of my books and VIP access to live events.
If you’d like to help, please take a look at my Patreon.
Various Art Prints available
Thank you so much for stopping to learn about Drake Books & Media and our projects. If you want to learn more, please get in touch on one of our social sites.
#LoveYourLocal #SupportSmallBusiness
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