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Dream Job

Confucius said, “Find an occupation you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”

Well, I have worked. And I can tell you: It sucks.

I’ve worked in the food industry.

Hated it with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

I’ve worked in retail.

Wouldn’t wish that on anyone (especially in the holiday season).

I’ve worked in a call center.

It was a torturous nightmare.

I’ve worked as an automotive service technician.

It beat the crap out of me.

I’ve been a maid.

It was a bigger nightmare than the call center.

The only–and I mean ONLY–job that has lasted: being a writer.

I started with fanfiction back in 1994. I was just eight years old, and my biggest fan was my best friend Ashley. Sure, I went through the phases of wanting to be a princess (What on earth was wrong with me? @_@ ), a veterinarian, then a dancer, then a singer…

Well, I can tell you that I sing very well (eight years of choir and one garage band can attest to that). I can’t dance. And I cannot stand seeing animals in pain. Also, I hate dresses more than I hate working in the food industry.

Writing, though? What’s not to love? I get to create my own world, the people, the laws, everything. My imagination is the only limit, and believe you me, I have quite the imagination. And because I’m also an artist, I can bring most of what I write to life. As an added bonus, I can work whenever and wherever I want.

The hard part?


Yeah, I know. Sounds crazy. I mean, how could writing be so awesome and so difficult at the same time? The truth is, writers have to describe things in ways that their readers can understand and visualize. Sometimes, that ain’t easy. And remembering to use all five senses in a description of a person/place is also a challenge.

And don’t get me started on fight scenes.

So, yeah; I’m in my dream career. I just haven’t achieved my dream yet. And that is to become an International Bestselling Author. Perhaps someday, in the near future, that dream will become a reality. Until then, I’ll keep writing.


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