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The Truth


Parathrope [par-uh-throhp]
noun (from Greek, para- beyond + ánthrōpos man):

  1. an individual with abilities beyond those which are considered natural;
  2. a superhuman


Cowan [kou-an]

  1. an individual of the species Homo sapien who lacks any power or knowledge of supernatural origins;
  1. a mortal human being


Aeon [ey-on]
noun (from Late Latin, Greek)

  1. one of a class of paranormal beings charged withprotecting the people, animals, and things of the Mortal Realm
  2. a guardian spirit




You’ve been living the greatest lie in history.

You were probably told it a thousand times at bed time as a child. It’s likely you’ve even said it to your own children.

There are no such things as monsters.

If you’re brave enough, I invite you to read on because I’m here to tell you that everything you’ve been told doesn’t exist—werewolves, vampires, ghosts, faeries, creatures of every shape and size and intent—does exist. Many of these beings lurk in the shadows and underbellies of human society. Some may even be a part of your everyday life—a doctor, teacher, or perhaps a close friend or hated rival. And the truth is: They were here before recorded history and they’ll be here long after.

These Parathropes were once hailed as heroes or gods for their amazing powers, and Cowans dedicated days and even months to them. Their names are spoken even today—Heracles, Odin, Ra, Soloman, and thousands of others. But it was the darker, twisted ones—the real “monsters” who slunk into the Mortal Realm from the other side of the Veil, the Netherworld, or parts unknown—that ushered in fear among the mundane peoples of the Old World. And what humans fear, they fight.

So began the Lost War, over five hundred years of bloody conflicts disguised by the Dark Ages and which pitted Cowans against Parathropes.

Some time in the war’s third century, a group known as SEANCE was established. Their goal: unite the various Parathropic nations under their leadership and bring an end to the bloodshed with the Cowans. At first, the various Parathropic nations refused to recognize SEANCE as a ruling body, but as the centuries crawled by and their numbers began to dwindle, the Parathropes united. Finally, as one giant army, they faced the Cowans and gave them an ultimatum: agree to peace or be eradicated.

And so the treaty known today as the Aegis Concordant was signed. But the Cowans continued to fear the Parathropes. Realizing this, and fearing another war, the leaders of SEANCE reestablished the power of the Lie.

There are no such things as monsters.

It took the next several decades, but just like the war, Parathropes faded into obscurity. Today, they are little more than myths and legends; creatures of the silver screen. But make no mistake; these beings are real. And they are out there

And it is the Lie that continues to keep you ignorant of their existence today.

There are no such things as monsters.

Believing this was your only protection. Now that the illusion is gone, you have become exposed like a raw nerve. You will see them. They will see you. Some may even attack you. And that is when my friends and I go to work. We are the descendants of SEANCE; the police of the Parathropic world. The Assistance and Enforcement of Otherworldly Nations Agency. The AEON Agency.

But if you, yourself, are a Parathrope, one of us, I implore you to seek us out. We can give you sanctuary. Do it now, before the Cowans become aware of what you are.

You’ll know where to find me.

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